Roles and Representatives

Group structure and roles

Role Name Website
Group Leader Eugenia Hatziangeli  
Deputy Group Leader Mick Draper  
Group Administrative Officer Efthymia Laderi  
Exploitation Manager Marine Gourber-Pace EXM
Technical Coordinator Stephane Deghaye  
774 TSO Sarah Pamelard  
774 Deputy TSO Enzo Genuardi  
Section Leader Applications Vito Baggiolini APS
Section Leader Data Services Chris Roderick DS
Section Leader Hardware & Timing Javier Serrano HT
Section Leader Infrastructure Marc Vanden Eynden IN
Section Leader Software for Real-Time & Communication Katarina Sigerud SRC

Group representatives at committees and meetings

Committee CO representative Website
BE Asset Management Claude Dehavay BE AM
BEMB - BE Management Board Eugenia Hatziangeli - Mick Draper BEMB
CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management Systems Zornitsa Zaharieva CMMS
CNIC - Computing and Network Infrastructure for Controls Stephen Page - Alastair Bland CNIC
CO3 - Controls Coordination Committee Marine Pace CO3
ELEC - Electronic Engineering Tools Erik van der Bij ELEC
EUG - Electronics Users Group Javier Serrano - Erik van der Bij EUG
FOM - Facilities Operations Meetings Marine Pace - Alastair Bland FOM
IEFC - LHC Injector and Experimental Facilities Committee Marine Pace - Mick Draper  IEFC
ITSRM - IT Service Review Meeting Luigi Gallerani ITSRM
ITUM - IT Technical User Meeting  Alastair Bland ITUM
LIBD - LHC Injection and Beam Dump Meetings Eugenia Hatziangeli LIBD
LMC - LHC Machine Committee Eugenia Hatziangeli - Mick Draper LMC
LSCM - LHC Planning and Coordination Meeting Claude Dehavay - Eugenia Hatziangeli LSCM
LSWG - LHC Studies Working Group Chris Roderick LSWG
MSWG - Machine Studies Working Group Marine Pace MSWG
TIOC - Technical Infrastructure Operation Committee Alastair Bland TIOC


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