Applications and Services (APS)

APS wiki page (CERN only)

The APS section provides generic data management services and comprehensive software solutions needed within the Accelerator & Technology Sector for the exploitation of the accelerator chain, and for the maintenance of the physical installations. Its services are used equally during the accelerator run and the long shutdowns and have a large, diverse user community, CERN-wide, and, in some instances, external to CERN.

The generic services provided by APS cater for:

  • Documenting the topographical organisation of the accelerator complex and supporting systems;
  • Managing configuration data for the accelerator control systems;
  • Storing, extracting and analysing metrics and signals for long-term statistics, diagnostics & alarms, performance improvement and to meet INB requirements;
  • Managing and interrogating the accelerator schedule data;
  • Storing, extracting and analysing accelerator faults and corresponding availability;
  • Settings generation and management;
  • Accelerator operations automation;
  • Services for related to machine protection, monitoring and diagnostics;
  • Generic, data-driven applications, components and libraries for accelerator control developed inside or outside of the Controls group, as well as general-purpose client APIs to allow access to specialist applications;
  • A suite of tools to develop and manage the Java software lifecycle: an Eclipse distribution, a build tool, and tools to deploy software on consoles and servers.

APS is responsible for all aspects related to developing the services and ensuring they fulfil their purpose over the years, taking a leading role in all technical matters, collaborating with the users, partners, and other service providers. This covers requirement analysis and data modeling, design and implementation of the corresponding data repositories, server-side processes, client APIs, and generic user-oriented applications.

Although APS is expected to provide services which help ensure the validity and integrity of the managed data, and advise users on how best to use the services to meet their needs, the section is ultimately not responsible for the validity or completeness of the data available through its infrastructure; this remains the responsibility of the groups using the section's services. In all cases, APS is not responsible for data entry. Neither is the section responsible for providing equipment-specific applications nor expert applications; this is the responsibility of BE/OP and/or the equipment specialists.

The APS section also provides expertise and guidance in these areas of expertise on software technologies, methods and tools with a focus on quality and the use of standard solutions, promoting the use of existing tools available at CERN or outside.

In addition to the generic data services provided, the section may support dedicated data management solutions where appropriate. This is subject to agreement with all stakeholders, and the provision of suitable resources.

Examples of the generic services and on-going projects of APS include:

  • Layout Database Service
  • Controls Configuration Service
  • CERN Accelerator Logging Service
  • Accelerator Performance Statistics
  • Accelerator Fault Tracking
  • Accelerator Schedule Management
  • InCA/LSA
  • Sequencers
  • Fix Display Framework
  • Concentrators [BLM, BPM + SPS]
  • OASIS server & client [with BE-CO-SRC]
  • SIS
  • Post-Mortem Analysis [with TE-MPE]
  • WS/Knobs, ASC Beans, JDataviewer
  • JAPC

See here for more details on the above, and also other projects in the Controls group.