Projects and Services

  • The Timing system ensures that CERN’s accelerator complex behaves as expected as a function of time. It calculates and broadcasts events based on GPS clocks, Operator input, database configurations and accelerator interlocks. 

  • A place on the web for electronics designers at experimental physics facilities to collaborate on open hardware designs, much in the philosophy of the free software movement.

  • CESAR is a client-server control system for the beamlines of the SPS experimental areas, used by an overall community of over 1000 experimental physicists. Apart from controlling 30 different types of hardware, CESAR is capable of reliably managing beamline settings.

  • The logging service persists data of close to 1 million pre-defined signals coming from heterogeneous sources. These signals range from data related to core infrastructure such as electricity, to industrial data such as cryogenics and vacuum, to beam related data such as beam positions, currents, losses, etc.

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