• Provides the high-level software suites necessary for the exploitation of the accelerator chain and associated experimental zones. Its services are mainly used during the accelerators run periods and the target users are the accelerator operators.

  • Provides generic data management services needed within the Accelerator & Technology Sector for the exploitation of the accelerator chain, and for the maintenance of the physical installations.

  • Responsible for the development, production and support of most of the BE-CO custom electronic​ modules. It also provides know-how for the technical choice of commercial modules to suit the needs of equipment groups in the Accelerator Sector. 

  • In charge of the specification, procurement, administration and support of the CERN Accelerator computing infrastructure. This portfolio covers the high-performance server platforms of the Accelerator data center, operator workstations and Accelerator Real-time hardware platforms with their associated fieldbus networks.

  • Responsible for core software packages and systems required for the real-time control, data acquisition and communication infrastructure used for the on-line operation of the CERN Accelerator complex.

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